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katja pilipenko

not everyone will be taken to a bunker
everything is clear—everything is wrong
in search of lost security

the king is naked
the list of mystifications

3 sculptures, each 60, 50, 65 cm, glass

In Russia, police batons are used to suppress protests. The long-handled baton is called the Argument 1, the short-handled Argument 2, and the one with a retractable handle Argument 3.

There are three sculptures - batons made of glass. The argument is a term referring to communication — a conversation or discussion. The name of the baton suggests that physical force is an argument for the people who use it. The glass must be used to deprive the baton of its gravity and make it fragile.

The glass sculptures should refer to the fragile and unstable relationships between the people and the state, reflected in the language and its use to establish powers and conduct the population.

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