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katja pilipenko

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40 plates, 35 x 50 cm each, lenticular printing

Synonyms is a kind of visual poem containing 40 pairs of words – euphemisms and its direct meaning –,made in the technique of lenticular printing. Two words are printed on top of each other on a special surface. Depending on the angle of the viewer, one or the other word is seen. Pairs of words are taken from the media space.

Originally meant to be inoffensive and polite, euphemism has become an instrument of commercial, political, and postmodern doublespeak. The danger of doublespeak is that it obfuscates the real meaning. The unstable quality of prints signifies the ambiguity of language.

With kind support of the Freundeskreis der HFBK e.V.

              © Katja Pilipenko 2020
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