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katja pilipenko

in search of lost security

the king is naked
the list of mystifications
childhood, girlhood, youth
signing session

3 paintings, 80 cm each, acrylic on canvas
38 papers, A4, digital print

The expression blue-on-blue originates in the 2000s during the War on Terror as a new euphemism for friendly fire; as in military planning vocabulary, blue indicated an allie. In reality, blue-on-blue can have two meanings: it can describe the act of firing on allied troops, as well as to cover up, euphemistically, the fact that the shooting resulted in the death of allied troops. In this way, it creates a distance between the word and reality.

The Blue-on-blue project consists of two parts. The first part of the text is statistical data and descriptions of cases from the history of shooting at one’s alias. It refers to the army term and its direct meaning. The second part is an interpretation of blue-on-blue through paintings. The painting represents targets, consisting of two alternating shades of blue, visualised with a smooth chromatic transition achieved with the airbrush technique.

This blurring effect is needed to show the obscurity of the target because shooting at one’s own is always the consequence of unclarity.

              © Katja Pilipenko 2022
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