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katja pilipenko

not everyone will be taken to a bunker
everything is clear—everything is wrong
in search of lost security

the king is naked
the list of mystifications

385x510 cm, plotter film     

The text on the wall is my collection of mystifications, conceived as endless, that I keep collecting —only a fragment exhibited on the wall.

There are various hoaxes and affairs, falsifications of historical documents, fictive characters, stories about ghosts and monsters, forgery of the results of scientific researches, paper hoaxes and fake news on the Internet, forgery of pieces of arts, etc. Everything that misled people and had been perceived as truth.

Book A4, UV digital print, UV flashlight

Since a mystification exists and doesn’t exist at the same time, I decided to do a project also in book format, printed in invisible ink.

There is the cover page with the topic of the work and name of the author, and further, when thumbing through, a viewer finds only empty pages.

To read what is written in the book the UV light lamp has to be used.

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