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katja pilipenko

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Performers: Filipe Lippe, Lucas Nikolaisen, Paul Glaw, Max Walli

Is this mystification the consequence of our immense inability to bear the real? Are these "false" narratives the biography of the precariousness of written and spoken language? Perhaps these questions are what motivate the artist in her work Spotlight (2019). The work is a dark theatrical scenery illuminated by one single spotlight that blinds the viewer. Once the viewer is inside the scenery, it is invited to talk to three performers sitting in the dark. The performers wear theatrical masks in order to ensure their anonymity. The performers provoke the viewer to debate on all sorts of topics, but usually focusing on existential matters such as fear, desire and anxiety. The blind viewer speaks to voices as if they were the voices of its unconscious. The uncanny fragile situation creates a high tension in the room that is intensified when the viewer speaks freely about its deep emotions and experiences. Little by little, the dialogue establishes an almost unbreakable bond between the public and the work. Thus, the artist creates a fundamental affinity between art and people; fragile things that are alive and connected by language and for this reason create other things that do not yet exist.
(Filipe Lippe)

              © Katja Pilipenko 2020
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