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not everyone will be taken to a bunker
everything is clear—everything is wrong
in search of lost security

the king is naked
the list of mystifications

Projection 700 x 270 cm, mirrors, sound: 49:10 min.

"Not Everyone Will Be Taken to a Bunker" is a multimedia installation, conceived for an exhibition at Hajusom e.V. in a bunker on Feldstraße in Hamburg.

Bomb shelters have been integral to Israeli architecture since the nation’s founding in 1948. Israeli law mandates that all homes, residential buildings, and industrial facilities be equipped with bomb shelters. Covering approximately 60% of Israel’s territory, the Negev Desert is deeply intertwined with the nation's history, which has been marked by persistent conflict since its inception. The most recent escalation occurred on October 7, 2023, starting with Hamas terrorist attacks targeting kibbutzim and the Supernova festival, originating from the desert.

The installation features a static video projection of the Negev Desert in Israel on one of the bunker walls. Mirrors affixed to two sides of the projection reflect the video, creating an infinity effect. This visual motif aims to expand the confined space of the bunker. By juxtaposing the bunker and desert spaces, the installation blurs the boundaries between closed and open, protected and unprotected, safe and dangerous, security and freedom, as well as military facility and nature.

For the sound composition, the research involved discussions with individuals from Israel about their experiences in bomb shelters. Sound designer Christian Pappalardo created the final experimental track, incorporating sounds from the bunkers based on these accounts, snippets taken from social media and news outlets, and mixing them with Psytrance-inspired rhythms and sounds played at the Supernova festival.

Christian Pappalardo: Sound
Alexey Kudrik: Сamera
Arne Mier, Ole Manke: Technical Сonception

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