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katja pilipenko

not everyone will be taken to a bunker
everything is clear—everything is wrong
in search of lost security

the king is naked
the list of mystifications

Not Everyone Will Be Taken to a Bunker

Hajusom e. V., Feldstraße 66/2nd floor, 20359 Hamburg, https://www.hajusom.de/
Opening: May 2, 6 p.m.
Duration: May 3 through June 16, 2024 
Opening hours:
Tue 15:00–18:00
Wed 11:00–14:00
Sat 12:00–15:00

Sat, 04.05. 18:00–21:00, 18:00  Artist Talk with Dr. Belinda Grace Gardner

The exhibition has been extended until June 16
Opening hours from June 2 by appointment only: info@hajusom.de
Finissage: June 16, 15:00-19:00

In Israel, constant danger is part of everyday life. All citizens of the state are therefore legally entitled to have access to a shelter at all times. Yet even the most extensive security system does not provide ultimate protection. This became apparent with the disastrous terrorist assault against Israeli civilians on October 7, 2023, when residents of numerous communities and visitors attending a music festival in the desert were killed in the deadly Hamas attacks. In her multimedia installation, Not Everyone Will Be Taken to a Bunker, Katja Pilipenko (*1989 in Moscow) merges the locations of the desert and the shelter. The artist conceived her project for the specific site of the center for transnational arts Hajusom e.V. in the Feldstraße Bunker. The former bomb shelter dating back to the Second World War provides the framework for exploring the themes of war and peace, enclosure and openness, security and threat, confinement and expansiveness, fortification and freedom.


Christian Pappalardo: Sound
Alexey Kudrik: Сamera
Arne Mier, Ole Manke: Technical Сonception

Supported by Claussen-Simon-Stiftung and Hamburgische Kulturstiftung

Photo: Mattia Quaglia


The Myth of Home - A Questioning, Bucerius Kunst Forum, Hamburg (group)

Place: Bucerius Kunst Forum, Hamburg, https://www.buceriuskunstforum.de/en/the-myth-of-home-a-questioning
Opening: May 17
Duration: 18.5.—26.5.2024

Participating artists:
Bea Brücker, Yi-Jou Chuang, Vedad Divović, Vera Drebusch, Si-Ying Fung, Alex Hojenski, Simone Karl, Simone Kesting, Nicole Kiersz, Judith Kisner, Hanna Lenz, Clémence Manachère, Andrés Muñoz, Katja Pilipenko, Julia Plath, Anne Reiter, Anna Resei, Kristina Savutsina

Gesa Wieczorek (art historian and alumna of Dissertation Plus)

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